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Michigan Legislative Update

16th Senate District: Serving Branch, Hillsdale, and Jackson Counties.



Greetings to our friends, neighbors, and citizens of Michigan's 16th Senate District:

Happy belated Easter to you and your families!

Recently my wife Sue and I have been able to celebrate a special milestone this month: our 40th wedding anniversary.  What a blessing it has been.  Sue and I normally use this time to get away and get to know each other again since it seems that while in session our schedules seldom synchronize.

The legislative office has remained open and by the time this newsletter reaches you we will still be actively engaged in a number of initiatives and worthwhile causes afforded us by the privilege to serve as your State Senator.  Maximizing the ability for specialty trained nurses to practice their profession, ensuring Michigan is following thru on the promises made when we decided to expand Medicaid, challenging paradigms and embracing new technologies in the area of electric energy delivery, and working hard to get the maximum value out of every taxpayer dollar as we create and adopt a new budget…are all on our list of immediate priorities. 

Another important priority, and one of the primary responsibilities of every elected official, is the protection and preservation of the rights of every citizen, of ALL citizens, recognized by our United States and Michigan constitutions.  Center stage in this area right now is the question of First Amendment rights for everyone, not just for a few. This is why we have included in this newsletter a copy of a recent Detroit News Op Ed we submitted.  Our office, in addition to leading a number of other important causes, is very engaged in the discussions over religious freedom.

Even while gone for a few days with Sue, I have been responding to letters and emails multiple times daily about this subject.  And, I will continue to do so with anyone who contacts our office.

Thanks again for the privilege to serve as your State Senator.

Serving with and for you, 

Mike (and Sue) Shirkey


"There has been much debate recently over Senate Bill 4, also known as the Michigan Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). Rarely have so many misconceptions been spread across television and radio so fast in respect to Michigan's proposed version of this historically proven law.

Michigan's SB 4 is similar to the already existing federal RFRA, as well as RFRAs in other states, including in Illinois where President Barack Obama voted in favor of it when he was in the state legislature.

It is a 'restoration' act because its passage on the federal level over 20 years ago was necessitated by a court case that removed essential First Amendment rights. RFRA was written to restore those constitutional rights."

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Senate District 16 Map
The 16th State Senate District

The 16th State Senate District consists of Branch, Hillsdale, and Jackson Counties.
Serving with and for you,
Mike Shirkey
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