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Join your State Senator Mike Shirkey for coffee and conversation, no reservations needed. Please bring your questions or comments about issues that matter to you in Branch, Hillsdale, and Jackson County.
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Movement on Bills to Improve Civil Asset Forfeiture Process

The Senate Judiciary Committee favorably reported a package of bills that would improve the civil asset forfeiture process. This topic was covered at a recent forum hosted by Senator Shirkey. There it was explained that civil asset forfeiture is what happens when a law enforcement agency lawfully seizes property used in connection with a crime. The devoted officers who serve daily agree that although the ability to seize property can be a significant part of investigations, it is also important to establish safeguards against the abuse of this practice.

The legislation would promote closer monitoring of the forfeiture process and establish other clarifications for the benefit of all Michigan citizens, including law enforcement.

The package, composed of House Bills 4499, 4500, 4503, 4504, 4505, 4506, and 4507, would increase transparency and raise the standard for seizure so that evidence must be “clear and convincing” before action is taken. These amendments give law enforcement agencies a better definition of their legal abilities while protecting citizens’ rights.

16th District Updates

Singing with Jacqueline Livesay and Rep. Earl Poleski at First UMC in Jackson

Joining the 4-H large animal auction at the Branch County Fairgrounds (Hillsdale and Jackson too)

Constituent Corner

Howard W. asks: “What is the next step for a road funding package, and how would it differ from the May ballot proposal?”

Answer: The Senate plan was substantially different from the proposal and included road quality improvements along with a simultaneous decrease in the income tax.  Although it did not pass both chambers, there is anticipation that any upcoming transportation legislation would include significant elements from the Senate plan.  The senate-passed package sought to provide essential funding by reprioritizing already-existing revenue sources and directing a total of $1.5 billion per year to transportation funding.  It ensured that alternative-fuel vehicles previously not contributing to road funding in the same way as regular gasoline vehicles would begin doing so, which was an important step before any type of gas tax increase was considered.  It also included road warranty bills to form a fund within the Michigan Department of Transportation specifically designed for building longer-lasting roads.  The next plan could incorporate these measures to keep road funding a current and future priority.


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