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Memorial Day Tribute

Memorial Day

Jonesville Mayor Bob Snow joined Sen. Mike Shirkey at the Senate Memorial Day service to honor those who gave their lives defending our country. Mayor Snow is a commander of the American Legion and served in our military. This was the Michigan Senate’s 22nd Annual Memorial Day Service.

Active Duty Property Tax Clarifications in Shirkey Bill to Become Law

Our bill to clarify existing tax law passed both the Senate and House chambers, and is now expected to receive the Governor’s signature this week. Once law, the legislation removes any ambiguity for active duty servicemen who try to claim the Principal Residence Exemption, which is a common property tax exemption already claimed by many homeowners.

Before the changes, the old law inadvertently neglected to state if servicemen can claim the Principal Residence Exemption while serving away from home. Our bill repairs this part of the law to make certain they can claim while serving.

The need for the bill was discovered when a service member from the 16th District contacted Sen. Shirkey for assistance sorting out a tax issue. Through this call we learned there was a real need to update the section of law on the Principal Residence Exemption as it pertains to active duty military. With SB 606 signed into law, it ensures that servicemen can file for this exemption, like others currently do, even while serving our country away from home.

The updated language in the law improves this tax filing process for those who sacrifice daily to serve us, saving them time and resources.

Michigan Employment Improvements

April Unemployment Rate

Michigan’s unemployment rate continues to improve, and is now lowered to 4.8%.

Senior Resource Fair Brings Many Together

Senior Resource

This month, Congressman Walberg hosted an event for Branch and Hillsdale County seniors at the Community Care and Conference Center in Coldwater. About one hundred people came together to learn more about local resources available to senior citizens.

Senator Shirkey’s table displayed booklets on a variety of topics, including veteran-related services, Michigan’s Constitution, and on Michigan’s historic role in the civil war (Coldwater is no stranger to civil war history, with pieces like the Loomis cannons from Branch County standing in front of the capitol building in Lansing today).

The fair was designed to give attendees easy access to see the programs and activities available to them right now in our area. It was a real honor to have so many people come visit the event and our table.

Community Comments

Community Comments

Email if you would like to arrange a visit to your school or local volunteer club. We will be happy to work with you to find a good time.

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