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Senator Mike Shirkey

Giving Thanks for You

Dear Friend,

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family.

There was a special celebration at the BZB Café in Jackson. Thanks to Candi and her family and staff for making many people's Thanksgiving this year very special. Including mine.

BZB Cafe

Candi and her staff and legion of volunteers brightened the meaning of Thanksgiving to over 150 friends and families in Jackson. The home cooked, gloriously tasty meal included every food we associate with Thanksgiving. And, of course, a chorus of smiles from the staff and volunteers. I appreciated the privilege of being one of the many volunteers.

Serving with and for you,

Mike Shirkey

Gems of the 16th District…

In our Senate office, sometimes amazing stories find their way to us. In this section, we share those stories with you. Email us to share your local gems!

Michigan Military Heritage Museum Opens in Grass Lake

“William Cairo joined the Navy and was assigned as a bugler on the U.S.S. Indianapolis CA-35. After delivering top secret parts for the atomic bomb to the island of Tinian and heading out at full speed to rejoin the fleet, the U.S.S. Indianapolis was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine. It is believed that Cairo was one of those who went down with the ship.

5 days later, while on a routine patrol mission, Lt. Jg. Samuel Worthington and his crew of a Martin PBM patrolbomber sea plane sighted the flash of an oil slick in the water. Descending to get a better view, Worthington's crew identified those in the water as American sailors. He climbed to a higher altitude, reported the sighting and location, and asked for permission to land the flying boat to begin rescue operations. Permission was denied and Worthington and crew remained on site for 11 hours jettisoning all of their personal life vests, survival gear, food and water. Low on fuel, Worthington flew on to Jinamoc base where he filed his reports and learned that he had located the survivors of the Indianapolis." 

LifeTech Academy Administrator Tom Ackerson reading the stories of William Cairo of Detroit and Samuel Worthington of Jackson at the new Michigan Military Heritage Museum (MMHM).

"Though Worthington was able to rescue some, the sinking is still the worst naval disaster in US history…

The Michigan Military Heritage Museum has the Worthington documents related to the rescue on display along with Worthington's uniform and photos.

The family of William Cairo, and the Sam Worthington lived across from one another in Grass Lake and never knew each other’s involvement until the formation of the museum.

These are the stories we are striving to bring to the public and to our youth.”

Military Museum

Senator Mike Shirkey with Grass Lake Area Historical Connection President Marilyn O'Leary while visiting the Michigan Military Heritage Museum

Email to share your stories about local gems. We read every email received.

Defending Electric Choice and Lower Electric Rates for Taxpayers

Senator Mike Shirkey speaks on the Senate floor on Thursday, Nov. 10 defending electric choice and lower electric rates for taxpayers. We oppose the Senate bills which limit freedom for people purchasing electricity.

You’re Invited to Coffee & Conversation with Senator Shirkey

Join us for coffee and conversation, no reservations needed. Please bring your questions and comments about issues that matter to you in Jackson County! December 9, 9:00 AM at Blackman Township Hall. Will continue visiting more areas in the near future.

Students Honor Veterans in Jonesville Contest

Jonesville High School held a contest recognizing two winners for their speeches on Veterans Day. We asked to share these inspiring excerpts from the students:

“Today, many people use and enjoy freedoms but do not recognize the sacrifices that many families… went through in order to gain those same freedoms they enjoy. If people had the ability to see the sacrifices on the same level that is made by veterans they would think of everyday freedoms differently. They would recognize that the only reason they are able to enjoy their freedoms is because of the brave men and women who were willing to give up anything in order for this country to exist. It is important to remind citizens of the Veterans who give up their freedom in order for them to have freedom and liberty.

-Student Shane Smith on the meaning of Veterans Day

Student Teya Nichols shares these thoughts: “When a soldier puts on his/her uniform, to me, it reflects their decision to put their country above themselves. Being in the military is considered the “ultimate sacrifice”. That sacrifice could be a loss of life on the battlefield, but even the soldiers who return home are faced with different challenges. The sacrifice of a veteran doesn’t end when the uniform comes off.

-Student Teya Nichols on the sacrifice of veterans like her grandfather

News from You

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Jackson home to oldest train station in Michigan

Adoption day gives children homes for Thanksgiving

Historic Brooklyn site housed many gems

Your 16th State Senate District Map

The 16th State Senate District contains all of Branch, Hillsdale, and Jackson Counties

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