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Senator Mike Shirkey

Welcoming the back-to-back Class C State Volleyball Champions from Bronson High School

We were happy to celebrate the team’s new victory during their visit to the capitol. These young ladies excel in sports, but also work very hard to keep good grades. Their leadership speaks for itself!

Thank you for your responses to our survey

Thank you to all who replied to our survey in our December enewsletter. We appreciate everyone who took the time to participate. We will be using your feedback to better serve you!

Brief Review of Our Recently Passed Legislation…

Legislation Leading to Better Rural Healthcare Access
HB 5400, which passed, grew out of a Shirkey Senate Bill. “Under House Bill 5400, due to increased freedom and independence for health care providers, people in rural areas such as Branch and Hillsdale counties and parts of Jackson County would have better access to health care at a lower cost.” Click here for more

Medical Malpractice Reform Passes
“The court ruled medical malpractice plaintiffs can recover amounts charged rather than amounts actually paid for medical expenses — even when the charged amounts are much greater than the paid amounts. The court called for the Legislature to address this issue. Shirkey listened and sponsored the reform bill.… ‘This legislation will help ensure accurate compensation. Clearer laws benefit all of us.’” Click here for more

Authorizing MDOT to Consider Lasting Pavement Designs to Save Taxpayer Money
“’Everyone agrees that Michigan's roads can be better,’ said Shirkey, R-Clarklake, who is an engineer. ‘We should leverage the incredible technological advancements we are seeing in the transportation industry to build better, safer and longer-lasting roads. Not only will they lead to improved driving experiences, they will also help save taxpayer dollars.’ The bill will make it possible for MDOT to give more thoughtful consideration of new pavement designs through a number of common-sense reforms.” Click here for more

Local Students Show Senator Shirkey Their Tech Talent at the Capitol

These students eagerly explained how they completed their tech projects. We saw everything from robotics, to programming, to plans for even more. Their visit to the capitol allowed them to showcase their own projects and also learn from other groups.

Honored Guests

State Sen. Mike Shirkey, R-Clarklake, stands in the Senate chamber with Branch County Republican Party Chairman Dennis Armstrong (left) and Hillsdale Hospital Director of Organizational and Business Development Jeremiah “JJ” Hodshire (right). Armstrong and Hodshire joined Shirkey for the Governor’s seventh State of the State address.

Your 16th State Senate District Map

The 16th State Senate District contains all of Branch, Hillsdale, and Jackson Counties

16th Senate District Map

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