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Fall Update

If you enjoy color tours, farm visits, cider mills and pumpkin everything, check out this video from Jackson County to see a glimpse of what our communities offer.

Watch the local orchard tour:

Thank you for the tour, Steve!

Share for a Successful Hunt!

Many of us have been sportsmen our whole lives, but if you know any first-time hunters this season share this hunting video with them. Hunting is a great way to get outside and spend time enjoying an awesome tradition with people we love.

View the short hunting clip with Mike's grandkids below!

Honoring Those in Manufacturing

In October we celebrated Manufacturing Week with a resolution on the floor of our senate. It recognizes the crucial role of those in this industry.

Watch the floor speech by clicking the photo or read the full version below.

"This week we celebrate Manufacturing in Michigan. It’s very appropriate. And not only because Michigan is solidly leading the nation in creation of manufacturing jobs!

Manufacturing is the essence of virtually everything we do and enjoy in our lives.
Manufacturing provides the richest training ground for success in nearly any career field one may choose to ultimately follow.
Manufacturing is fun, rewarding work.
Manufacturing is perennially the leading industry for spawning innovation and technology development.
Manufacturing is the most important ingredient in providing security and a strong national defense.
Manufacturing is the greatest wealth builder for our economy and country....thru the entire spectrum of wage earners.
In Michigan over 800,000 men and women work in this industry. That means one of every six non-farm jobs in Michigan involves manufacturing.
And that number has grown by over 150,000 jobs in the last eight years!

So to welcome those who recently started in the field,
to encourage those who are contemplating their first or next career decision,
to honor the Giants who have built Michigan's manufacturing foundation,
and to distinguish those people who are continuing to add to Michigan's incredibly rich manufacturing heritage, we proudly introduce this resolution recognizing them and their work."

Your 16th State Senate District Map

The 16th State Senate District contains all of Branch, Hillsdale, and Jackson Counties

16th Senate District Map

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