Senator Dave Robertson

Upcoming Ballot Proposals Newsletter

Ballot Proposals NewsletterDear Friend:

On November 6, you will have a chance to play an important role in establishing Michigan public policy. Not only will you have the opportunity to select candidates at the local, state and federal level, but six statewide ballot proposals will also be up for your consideration.

I am pleased to be able to provide you with a balanced explanation of each ballot proposal which you can access at my website or by clicking on the icon on the right. Included is the actual language that will appear on the ballot along with brief analyses of the important issues at hand. The analyses do not necessarily reflect my views but are intended to bring you the strongest arguments for and against each proposal so that you can make an informed decision.

Please feel free to pass this email along to your friends and family. As always, do not hesitate to call or write my office if I can ever be of service.


Dave Robertson
State Senator