Senator Dave Robertson

Robertson supports Student Safety Act

Every parent wants to know their child is safe in school.

Senate legislation recently signed into law will help prevent potential tragic events by creating a 24-hour, 365-days-per-year confidential student tip line and website. The OK-2-SAY hotline will allow students to phone, email or text a message to law enforcement about planned violence in their school.

According to the U.S. Secret Service, in eight out of every 10 school violence incidents, someone other than the attacker knew about the plan but didn't report it, often out of fear. By protecting the confidentiality of the reporter's identity, the OK-2-SAY program will give students the security to step forward.

The program is modeled on a Colorado initiative put in place after the Columbine High School tragedy.

Robertson backs bills to teach America's heritage

As the future of our great nation, our kids need to have a good understanding of America's system of government and founding ideals.

I recently supported legislation that would encourage grade-level instruction on our founding documents, including those on America's representative form of limited government, the Bill of Rights, the free-market economic system and patriotism. The legislation would not allow the censoring of religious references in these historical documents.

Another important bill would encourage public schools to observe one week each school year as Patriot Week. The purpose of Patriot Week is to promote an understanding of American history and America's first principles, and honor the sacrifices of the veterans and military service members who protect these principles.

There's no place like home

More people are staying home and that's good news for Michigan!

The 37th annual migration study by the nation's largest moving company, United Van Lines, found that flight out of Michigan has slowed substantially and the state is balanced between inbound and outbound moves. Michigan was tagged by earlier studies as the top outbound state from 2006-2009.

I am pleased to see this encouraging sign that our work is putting Michigan back on the path to growth and opportunity.

At your service

As always, I am here to serve you. Should you ever have any questions or need assistance in a state matter, please feel free to contact my office at (866) 305-2126 or by visiting my website I'll gladly help.


Dave Robertson
State Senator