Senator Dave Robertson

Robertson backs e-cigarette ban for minors

I recently supported legislation to prohibit the sale of e-cigarettes and nicotine cartridges to minors.

These devices are said to provide adults with an alternative to traditional tobacco products. Unfortunately, the use of these products is increasing among teens, even younger kids who are attracted to flavors like root beer, orange and chocolate.

Many health specialists are concerned that e-cigarettes can be as addictive as regular cigarettes and lead to a lifelong nicotine habit. In fact, most daily smokers began smoking before they were 18 years old. We don't need children using tobacco cessation devices before they are even old enough to use tobacco.

Robertson: Bills improve personal property tax reform

In 2012, the Legislature passed a package of bills to phase out the industrial personal property tax - a tax many businesses pay year after year on machinery and equipment. The tax penalized employers for expanding and investing in their businesses and creating jobs.

New legislation updates the reform by fully replacing revenue to local governments beyond the 100 percent revenue protection for fire and police services approved in 2012. The bipartisan plan replaces revenue through a greater portion of the state's 6 percent Use Tax on out-of-state purchases and a statewide assessment on newly exempt businesses.

The reform will help improve Michigan's competitiveness for new jobs and support our local communities with a stable and improved revenue source. The plan must be approved by the House and the governor, and then by the Michigan voters on the August ballot.

Robertson supports added funding to fix roads

The long brutal weather has taken a tire-rattling toll on roads and road budgets.

Last month, the Senate approved $100 million in emergency road funding to help local communities with critical pothole repairs and maintenance expenses. Along with this immediate relief, the Legislature recently added another $115 million to help speed up shovel-ready road projects.

The $215 million in road funding is in addition to $115 million committed in December for road and bridge improvement projects. In the last three years, Senate Republicans have worked to direct nearly $585 million extra dollars toward helping fix Michigan's roads.

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Dave Robertson
State Senator

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