Senator Dave Robertson

Bills would showcase Michigan's trail network

The Pure Michigan campaign sums up everything we love about our state's great outdoors.

Legislation recently passed by the Senate would recognize our state's growing network of outstanding trails by adopting the Pure Michigan brand.

The bills would allow for the designation of Pure Michigan Trails and Pure Michigan Trail Towns that support multi-use trails-a great way to benefit local economies. In addition, the legislation would develop a process to create a state database of local trail maps that people can access online or on their smartphone.

The Pure Michigan Trails Initiative lays the foundation for developing a true statewide, inter-connected trail system for everyone to enjoy, whether hiking, biking, snowmobiling, horseback riding, or even canoeing or kayaking!

Robertson backs bills to protect gun owners' privacy

I recently supported legislation to ensure that firearms records would remain confidential, available only to law enforcement officials, under certain conditions.

There's a real need to protect the privacy of gun owners after out-of-state newspapers released personal information, specifically the names and addresses of gun permit holders, last year. Disclosing this information is an invasion of privacy and a threat to public safety. The bills would prevent that from happening here in Michigan.

Under the legislation, firearms records could only be accessed for the following reasons:
  • The individual has committed an offense with the pistol that violates a state or federal law;
  • The individual poses a threat to self or others;
  • The firearm was used during the commission of a crime that violates a state or federal law; and
  • To ensure the safety of a peace officer.

Just like the Boy Scouts-be prepared!

Spring and summer can bring fast-changing weather conditions that increase the potential for severe weather, including flooding, thunderstorms and tornados. Find out how to better protect your family before, during and after an emergency or disaster. Go to to access the Family Preparedness Guide prepared by the Michigan State Police.

At your service

As always, I am here to serve you. Should you ever have any questions or need assistance in a state matter, please feel free to contact my office at (866) 305-2126 or by visiting my website I'll gladly help.


Dave Robertson
State Senator

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