Senator Mike Green


Celebrating Life – Remembering The Unborn

Dear Friend,

Although Michigan's economic and fiscal challenges are at the forefront of our legislative agenda, no other issue is ever more important than that of life. For no matter how prosperous an economy or a society may be, its future depends on its value for all human life - regardless of form, appearance, ability, and age.

My initial interest in politics began nearly 30 years ago when I became involved in pro-life issues, based on my personal beliefs that life begins at conception, every life is sacred, and each life should be protected under the law from that moment until natural death. Protecting the innocent and the most vulnerable among us remains one of my top priorities in the Michigan Senate. I was proud to co-sponsor the Michigan partial birth abortion ban successfully passed into law last year.

Local right to life volunteers are the champions for life and unsung heroes for the defenseless who make these types of successes possible through their tireless dedication and hard work. On Sunday, many gather around the nation to celebrate life and to remember the estimated 54 million unborn children lost to abortion in the United States since the January 23, 1973, Roe v Wade decision. The following events are being held in the Bay and Thumb regions:

Huron County Right to Life
1:30 p.m.
County Courthouse Steps
250 E. Huron Ave , Bad Axe

Sanilac County Right to Life
St. Joseph Catholic Church Hall
59 N. Moore St., Sandusky

Tuscola County Right to Life
County Courthouse Steps
440 North State Street , Caro

Bay County Right to Life
Bay City Evangelical Church
604 S. Woodbridge Street, Bay City

I encourage everyone to join with your friends and family at an event near you. Regardless of the nature of the times that we live in, we must always take a moment to reflect upon the precious value of life.


Mike Green
State Senator